San Pedro del Romeral


San Pedro del Romeral Town Hall
La Plaza, s/n
39686 San Pedro del Romeral

Phone: 942 595 407
Fax: 942 595 546

Schedule: from 09:00 to 15:00h.

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The municipality stands out for its neighborhoods of cottages, that show the ways of life and the customs of Pasiega. In Rosario, Aldano, Bustiyerro, Vegalosvaos or Vegaloscorrales it seems as if time has stood still. Hence the high heritage, ethnographic and cultural value of this territory, for which a special Plan is currently being developed and managed.

General placement:
This municipality is found at the southern end of the Pas region, 65 Km away from Santander. Limits east with Vega de Pas, west with Luena and south with the province of Burgos.
Population: 596 Extension: 65 Km2 Altitude: 240-1.412 m.
Towns: Aldano · Bustaleguín · Hornedillo · La Peredilla · San Pedro del Romeral · La Sota · Vegaloscorrales · Vegalosvados · Alar · Bustiyerro-El Rosario.
Capital town: San Pedro del Romeral

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  • Archaeological heritage: the municipality holds the landmark of Estremedillo, located in the division line between San Pedro and Valdeporres. It is also of interest the quarry of El Coterón, in the limits between San Pedro and Luena.
  • Popular architectural heritage: rural architecture in the municipality testifies for a Pas lifestyle. The cottages of the landscape come from the semi-transhumantic cattle exploitation. In the end of these valleys we find “vividoras” with greatly developped front walls, and in mountain passes we can see simple cabins that were only used a few weeks per year.
  • Religious heritage: the church of Saint Peter in Romeral and the Chapel of El Rosario, in Bustiyerro, both dating from 13th century, are the most relevant signs of religious artistic manifestations.
Bovine cattle has traditionally been, and still is today, the economical basis of this population. In fact, this is one of the most farming-oriented municipalities in the region. Because of that, the decay and reconversion between the sector has generated a massive migration, resulting in a clear ageing of its still inhabitants. There also exist some accomodation and gastronomy businesses related to local products: “sobaos” and “quesadas”, beef meat accompanied by different stews, with other typical food, like beans and fresh cheese.
  • San Pedro del Romeral and the neighbourhoods (7 Km.): the route consists of a circuit through the cottages in the area, of a great landscape beauty, but mostly of a great ethnographic interest.
  • Matanela pass: from San Pedro we can ascend by car, bike or foot to the mountain pass that communicates this Pas zone with Burgos. Once on the pass and after enjoying the panoramic view, the way back can be done through the municipality of Luena.
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