Ayuntamiento de Selaya
La Constancia, 2
39696 Selaya

Phone: 942 590 241
Fax: 942 590 386

Schedule: from 08:00 to 15:00h

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On August 15th, the festival of the Virgin of Valvanuz, one can enjoy the parade with the Virgin on her triumphal carriage, Pas jumping contests, “jotas”, exhibitions of traditional costume and the sporting challenge of “Milla Urbana” in Selaya and other traditions of the Pas lifestyle.

This celebration to commemorate the Pas patron has been declared a Festivity of Regional Tourist Interest.

General placement:
It is located on the headwaters of Pisueña river, Pas affluent, on the division line with Miera valley and high Pas river. 36 Km from Santander, limits northeast with San Roque de Riomiera, northeast with Villacarriedo and south with Vega de Pas.
Population: 1.974 Extension: 39,4 Km2 Altitude: 226-1.047 m.
Towns: Bustantegua · Campillo · Pisueña · Selaya
Capital town: Selaya

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A space full of typical Pas landscapes, with pastures and cottages, on whose meadow are located scattered settlements. It is surrounded east by the mountains dividing Pisueña and Miera, Alto de Campillo and Picones de Sopena; and south Pas and Pisueña, with Braguía mountain. Pisueña river is born in this municipality.
The main ecosystem is without a doubt the mowing pasture, with high-quality grass, of an intense green and cautiously preserved, that have been the livelihood of its inhabitants until a few decades ago. As a consequence of cattle exploitation, there are confined indigenous forests, made of gall oaks and chestnut trees, in the areas of bigger slope or in Valvanuz park.
  • Religious heritage: the church of San Juan Bautista and the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Valvanuz, both from 17th century, are one of the valley’s most significant religious heritages, especially the last one, with a Gothic Virgin carving from 13th century inside. After the building, there is a fountain that flows, according to the legend, where the Virgin put her foot.
  • Civil architectural heritage: in the municipality can be seen countless manor houses from 17th and 18th century, like the Palace of Donadío (Local Interest Good), and the houses of Abascal Zorrilla, Miera and Linares.
  • Museum of Pas Wet-Nurses (House La Beata): this museum wishes to recognise the historical role of Pas wet-nurses on the region and turn their legacy into cultural heritage. Gathers a valuable colection of 300 pictures of Pas wet-nurses, dating from 1880 to 1936. Their most characteristic costumes are also exposed. It is located next to the Sanctuary of Valvanuz, and managed by the Confraternity Virgin of Valvanuz.
  • Popular architectural heritage: as happens in Vega de Pas, San Pedro del Romeral or San Roque de Riomiera, Selaya has countless Pas cottage neighbourhoods with “vividoras” and stable-houses, with their typical stonewalls.
  • Traditional Bowling Alley of Selaya: known as “corro de la Colina”, it is one of the most beautiful in the region and also one of the oldest. Nowadays at full use, it is located in front of the Palace of Donadío and is surrounded by centenary bananas.
Although with a clearly traditional livestock farming vocation, the terciary sector has been progressively swaying in the urban centre of the municipality. There also is a dynamic commercial and administrative network. The famous “sobaos” and “quesadas” form one of the key points of its successful agro-alimentary industry, accompanied by “queserías” (cheese factories) and other ecological and artisanal production businesses. Agrocantabria has here one of its headquarters.
  • Pisueña headwaters (4 Km.): from the neighbourhood of Pisueña to the source of the river, crossing interesting groups of cottages, of a great ethnographic value, and a landscape of closed pastures. The rise can be continued to Picones de Sopeña.
  • Cottages and palaces (10 Km.): by car or bike we can tour through the different noble buildings in the town of Selaya and the continue towards the Pas cottages in Campillo and Bustantegua.
  • Picones de Sopeña (10 Km.): this ascending route of medium difficulty follows the dividing line Pas-Pisueña from Alto de Caracol to Alto de la Braguía, going through Picones de Sopeña. It has marvellous views of Carriedo valley, Miera valley and Vega de Pas.
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