Pas Greenway

From Ontaneda to Sarón, a dreamy pathway.

One of the great appeals of the Pas Valleys is the nature trail, a singular path inherited from the old railway line that connected Astillero with Ontaneda. This route begins in the district of Penagos and offers the possibility of walking in a pleasant environment in whatever stage. One can also enjoy bicycle rides, skating or roller blading  in a route that is ideal for all the family.

Mapa Vía Verde del Pas
The route kilometre by kilometre
Vía Verde del Pas

The walk in the region begins in the town of Sobarzo, belonging to the municipality of Penagos and adjacent to the famous Cabárceno Nature Park. It is a newly created track so the condition of the road surface is excellent and allows the visitor to enjoy the route with all the guarantees. This first part allows us to observe with perspective the high mountains of Pas and Miera. The new variant of the Vía runs alongside the highway to enter the town of Sarón, which after a few meters begins to run along the Pisueña River and will lead us to the Nestlé factory in La Penilla.

Pas GreenwayKM 8

It is usual to accompany this stretch most weekdays by the unmistakable fragance of chocolate and a low-mountain environment, which makes this first stretch of the  walk to Puente Viesgo a real pleasure. Once the town of La Cueva is left behind and we then arrive to Pomaluengo, we have the possibility of continuing along the path through the paved road of the nature trail or enjoying a pleasurable journey next to the river, truly recommended for its calmness and its landscape environment.

Once left the village, we return to the paved road which turns into a path that will take us to the first contact with River Pas, arriving at the interesting village of Puente Viesgo. A district that offers many facilities to see and do, particularly the group of pre-historic caves of Monte Castillo.

Vía Verde del Pas
Vía Verde del Pas

Pas GreenwayKM12

We start from Puerte Viesgo and rapidly arrive to Penilla, a town that offers amongst its curiosities a scale model of the town done by a neighbour. It is a compulsory stop. Slowly we go into Toranzo Valley, a place of a landscapes, architectural and historical richness that will not leave the visitor unmoved.

A particular place of interest is the Nuestra Señora del Soto Convent located in Soto Iruz dating from 16th century, although its main constructions were made in the 17th c. Don’t miss the landscape environment offering spectacular views and vistas all year round.

Pas GreenwayKK 19

As we continue after a long, straight stretch, we will arrive to another landmark : the Aqueduct of Rual Bridge. This modern-ish construction dates from 1885 and had the purpose of supplying clean water to the city of Santander. Later on, we arrive to another of the most recognised points of the Trail, the iron bridge with wooden contours above Pas river. An obvious land one of the places most photographed in the area.

We turn left just after getting off the bridge and go into the last stretch that hugs the riverside with incredible views and a few more surprises, such as a public pool in the village of Ontaneda. The walk finishes at point of interest called Alceda Park, a garden that treasures a great arboreal richness, as well as a pond, a pavilion, zip lines, bar and the historical Spa of Alceda.

Vía Verde del Pas

In the following list of municipalities you can access the route and description of the main attractions that the visitor finds in his path.


Santa María de Cayón.


Puente Viesgo.

Santiurde de Toranzo.

Corvera de Toranzo.

Corvera de Toranzo II.