House of Intendente Riaño or La Vega, Pámanes

The House of Intendente Riaño gets its name from who was Intendente (mayor) of Guanajuato, in Mexico, and Knight of the Order of Alcántara. This house is located in the neighbourhood of La Costera in Liérganes and is built to a pattern common in this period, forming a square block with a rounded arch. The classical influence can be seen in the symmetrical distribution of spans in the facade.

In the same area, other houses of later constructions still remind of this simple model. Like the House of La Vega in Pánames, with coats of arms of Vega, Salazar and Guerra, where we can see the same pattern again, with a great central arch of enormous voussoirs and symmetrical spans in the facade.

Casa del Intendente Riaño