House of Miera

The House of Miera was built in Selaya in 17th century as a manor house with tower and L-shaped floor. It is of marked classicist character with elements of that style, a porch with two rounded arches, ornamented glass doors, molded ledges, an ornamented fascia along the facade dividing the floors…

The large three storey ashlar masonry tower should be noted, in which the wall prevails above any decorative element, with only two spans, a coat of arms with the emblems of Miera, Arce, Castillo de La Concha and Ceballos, and the pinnacle tops each corner.

Casa de Los Miera

Along the first half of 18th century the stately architecture featured in the region started slowly changing towards more ornamented and singular decorations. With the first returning immigrants from the Americas, the progress of Baroque forms took over.

One of the first Baroque buildings of the region was the manor house of Juan Montero de La Concha Obregón, in Vega de Villafufre. All that remains is the Portalada del Obispo. It is presided over by the coat of arms of Montero, Obregón and Velarde. Notable are the friezes above the arch and the ornamented curved pediment, with many moldings framing the central rosette.