House of Setién

The House of Setién is one of the oldest  in the region, starting its construction in 16th c. The building belonged to a royal writer who at the time of construction in 1644, worked as conservation judge of the Engineers of Factories, Artillery, Bullets and Powder of Liérganes and Santa Bárbara de La Cavada. His name was Sir Juan de Setién.

The building has three storeys with a rounded arch entrance on the ground floor and a big window in the main floor. This is flanked by two columns supported by brackets next to the wall with a stone with the carving “fides verictas”. The top floor has three small simple spans lighting the attic. There are human and animal gargoyles in the ledge.

The coat of arms of Setién can be found between pinnacles and has the carving of a castle with love ornaments.

Casa Setien Liérganes