Dates in nature

Hold your work meetings in a relaxed and calm environment.

Routine, meetings and all of the activities that conform the hectic, daily rhythm make it almost impossible to hold meetings with the different management teams in a relaxed, private setting and surrounded by nature. The Pas Valleys region offers the perfect place to celebrate work meetings to boost team work, leadership skills, communication and your business’ integrating your business in an exceptional setting.

With an average capacity but great technical facilities, the Pas Valleys makes it possible to planning of meetings, one or two days quiet days in which you will be able to discover a unique cultural and historic landscape and take part in Outdoor Training activities or gastronomic events.

turismo activo reuniones en la naturaleza

The set of activities that combine business meetings with outdoors or open spaces activities to encourage team work is known as Outdoor Training. The main goal of this idea is to promote employees workplace and personal skills through  coexistence based on learning through direct experience. Among the many advantages of this method are stimulation of confidence and boost the use of team work. The Pas Valleys are the perfect place to implement this activities, mainly due to the quality of the  environment.

Cantabria is notable in agro-food markets such as dairy, fisheries and meat, thus the Pas Valleys are an idyllic meeting  point in these areas. The region is famous for the quality of its milk which is used in the production of cheese, ice cream, yogurt, butter and other diary products. Also highly valued are the meats, beef or heifer and it river fisheries. Without a doubt, the Pas region can boast about having a pantry of local, quality and artisanal products, understood as a cultural manifestation of the area.

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Soñanes Palace and the Spa in Puente Viesgo are some examples of accomodations for this kind of tourism, which goes from small business’s meetings to outdoor training and agro-food events.

Other recommendations are El Ojo del Ábrego and La Robla Inn. Make your reservation for a conference room and reduce work rhythm by taking part in outdoor activities.

Canyoning in the Pas Valleys

Canyoning in the Pas Valleys is an extraordinary activity to promote team work. Our fabulous canyons run during the whole year with a suitable temperature, which allows us to enjoy this sport in a unique way. Although being a small region, Pas Valleys has more than six impressive  canyons.

Hiking through the Pas Valleys

In these valleys you can find some of the best routes in the Cantabrian geography. Forests and green landscapes between cottages make a setting where one can fully develop their senses. Go hiking in unexplored zones. Pas Valleys also have a route for accessible hiking, so no one will be left out of enjoying its landscapes.

Visit the Water Temple in the Spa of Puente Viesgo

Bike along the Pas Greenway

Visit the prehistorical caves in Puente Viesgo

Pas cream cheese workshop

Two hour activity organised by artisanal dairy factory La Jarradilla for groups of 20. Involves the first phase of a traditional, cream cheese elaboration process. Ends with a cheese tasting activity. This factory has won two World Cheese Awards (2009 and 2010). Aside from white and cream cheeses, this factory has two own recipes: Braniza and Divirín.

Fruit confectionery workshop by Prímula Alimentación

Two hour activity organised by artisanal marmalade and preserve factory Prímula Alimentación for groups of 20. Learn to prepare fruit desserts and enjoy a tasting activity. Each participant will be given a basket with 6 miniature jams.

Wine tasting and conference about the winemaking process in Carrales de Cayón

Carrales de Cayón is the first wine productor in the Pas Valleys, after more than 150 years without winemakers in this region. They have  been producing wine= in Bodegas Ojeda Suárez since 2010 and with a great outcome.

Visit the Obrador of Sobaos Pasiegos and Quesadas

Visit the qualified Frisian farm of La Flor

Visit the eco-farm of La Sierra