Walk into nature with the Ecomuseum Fluviarium

The Ecomuseum Fluviarium has as its main goal show the visitor the rich and unvaluable natural and ethnographic heritage of Cantabrian eastern mountains and their rivers. For this, it offers information about the natural landscape and a shop in which we can find artisanal products, stuffed representations of local fauna, nature publications, and local and ecological products. There also is an interesting book selection about the Pas valleys, for children and adults.

Its expositive area is divided in two floors, where there are included a great variety of elements related to nature and ethnographic Pas heritage. Some of the main exhibed elements are:

Ecomuseo Fluviarium de Liérganes

Expositor cube: here are collected the four most notable aspects of Pas mountains and their reivers: cottages and pastures, water as a resource, ecologic diversity and underground richness.

High strata: this is a recreation of bioclimatic floors in the Pas region. We can see real sized recreations of the main fauna species living in this mountains and its characteristic flora.

Reproduction of a Pas cottage: with interior and exterior details, references daily tools in our towns. It is accompanied by many divulgative elements, detailing its main values, its heritage value and daily habits.

Explanatory dashboards about environmental impacts of mass clearing of trees in the Pas mounts from 16th to 18th century.

Fluviarium: an ensemble of river acuariums, one of the most spectacular elements of this Ecomuseum. It is a reproduction of a Cantabrian river habitat, with its most representing species. It has live examples of otter, salmon, trout, lamprey, European turtle and eel, among others.

Audiovisual room: with room for 47 people, it counts with important multimedia devices, prepared for lectures and conferences. It holds an audiovisual projection showing the richness of our ecocultural heritage, as well as the preservation labour of the Nature and Man Foundation.