Elsedo Museum of  Contemporary Art

The first Count of Torre-Hermosa, knight of Calatrava and high councilman of Felipe V, Francisco de Hermosa y Revilla, ordered the re-edification between 1710 and 1715 of the old manor that then became the Palace of Elsedo. Its original design was done by architect Francisco Agüero, born in Pánames, who also collaborated in the construction of the Chapel of Alfonso del Casto and the Royal Pantenon in Oviedo Cathedral.

Also in these times, and at the count’s demand, was built a chapel next to the manor. Now, a great portion of the palace is dedicated to a contemporary art museum, where we can see the works of Pablo Serrano, Berrocal, Chillida, Vázquez Díaz, María Blanchard and Gutiérrez Solana, among others.