Palace of Rueda Bustamante

The Palace of Rueda Bustamante is a complex composed of a 16th century tower and a manor house from 17th century.

The tower is sober and classical, with three floors and is topped by gargoyles. It has a square floor with a hipped roof. The third floor houses the magnificent family coat of arms.

The house was built later by the order of Sir Lorenzo Bustamante Rueda, Councilor of Valley Ordinances in 1722, son of Sir Pedro Bustamante Rueda, lawyer of the Royal Council and the Royal Chancellery of Valladolid. It is a two storey building with a rectangular floor, a gabled roof and an ashlar masonry facade where the family coat of arms is resplendent between the two iron balconies.

Also on the south of the palace is the chapel of Purísima Concepción.

Palacio de Rueda Bustamante