House of the King

The House of La Pila, also known as House of the King, is located at the foot of the Slider of Lunada, in Soba. Originally it was to have been a second wood storage building for the Empresa del Miera, but the plot was not suitable for storage so it had to be demollished.

It was bought in 1793 for around 150,000 reales; this price included ground stabilization and position. It also provided a channel for water movement from the slider to the hydraulic works on the lower part of the plot, thus avoiding having to form a channel that crossed the whole plot.

La Casa del Rey

The name of House of the King, is a symbolic expression, due to the presence of the coat of arms of Carlos III with Neo-Classical style on the entrance of the cottage.  This house is typical of the area with a ballasted roof and one long floor with arches.

The exterior structure is preserved in a good state, in spite of a few modifications for its later farming use. The interior is not preserved and as there are no plans of it the layout is unknown.

The dams and channels remain, although covered by wild vegetation. None of the wooden structures are preserved.