Manor House of Miera Rubalcaba

The Manor House located in Rubalcaba belongs to one of the oldest families in the valley. It is believed that it was built on the old family plot, that had been there since at least the 14th century. It is located next to the 16th century bridge of Dos Ojos, the chapel of Saint Mary the White and a mill from 19th century. The house was completely renovated during the 18th century. At the front of the house has a porch with 2 access arches and seating and an fascia molding between floors. The most important classic elements are on the wall with little importance given to the spans which are small and simple. The monumental Baroque coat of arms of Miera Rubalcaba, Velasco and Riba-Agüero, decorated with cornucopias, masks, newts, rampant lions, flower motifs, etc is most value.

La Casona de Miera Rubalcaba