The Church of San Pedro Advíncula in Liérganes

This is one of the few religious buildings of Renaissance style that can be found in Cantabria. The construction of this Church began in 1951 and the different stages continued for many years. Its structure was built upon an old Roman temple, of which some remains can be seen in the apse.

This church is designed in the pattern of hall church and big interior spaces and has a beautiful entrance of Doric style, framed by a triumphal arch and finished by a divided pediment, plus a solid tower from 17th century. The striking size and solidity of the temple should be noted.

Aramburu Zabala has defined the temple as a “columned church with hall church”, which is a building with naves of the same size, divided by Tuscan columns and covered by ribbed vaults. One of the reasons for using this typology is the availability of wide interior spaces for performing burials.

Iglesia de San Pedro Advíncula Liérganes