Lucas de Hermosa – House of the Angel

This house from mid 17th century is located in the neighbourhood of Los Prados de Liérganes is known as the House of the Angel, although it belonged to the writer Lucas de Hermosa.

Its principal features are the dominance of the wall above the spans and an imbalance between floors because of the disproportional height of the second floor, it presents a classicist style facade. It is built on ashlar masonry and still has the dove shaped ledge, which disappeared in future constructions. The interior is one large space that can be divided according to need. The residential zone has an entrance with two basket arches, there is a third arch that gives access to the stables.

In front of the house there are two mills from 17th century. On the entrance lintel there is the following engraving: “to glory and honor of God/ thee who put measure and rate/ we are winning two/ for the owner of this house”.

Lucas de Hermosa – Casa del Ángel Líérganes