Museum of Pas Wetnurses

The Museum of Pas Wetnurses is a curious and surprising museum located inside of the House of the Blessed, dedicated to young Pas women who emigrated to work as wetnurses for children that were not theirs.

The poor economy of the region in mid 19th century forced a big amount of young women to emigrate. Due to their peculiar size and strength, many of these ended up as wetnurses in the most powerful families of the court of Madrid. In fact, the princes of the Spanish Royal Family were grown thanks to the help of Pas wetnurses for generations.

museo de las armas de cria pasiegas

In this Museum is exhibited a collection of photographies, mainly accompanied by the children they took care of, as well as a series of murals in which are explained the conditions of a wetnurse and the doctors of the court that visited Selaya to collect volunteers. Are also exhibited a series of costumes that were used on their work and for which they were recognised in the Villa and Court.

Between the known wetnurses, and which photographies are in the Museum, stand out: María Gómez, wetnurse of Alfonso XII, Rosalía Sáinz, wetnurse of Alfonso de Borbón, or Costantina Cañizo, wetnurse of Don Juan, Count of Barcelona.

The Museum is currently located next to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Valvanuz (Selaya).