Ethnographic Museum “El Hombre y el Campo”

The ethnographic museum of People and Land wishes to show the uses and costumes of the Pas man throughout history to reach the most productive benefit from nature. It collects tools of daily life as an homage to man, land and effort capacity.

The Museum is located next to the factory of Buen Pastor in the neighborhood of Riancho in San Vicente de Toranzo. Was opened in 1997, thanks to its funder’s passion, Carlos López D’Hers.

Now, it is managed by the Cultural Association “Valle de Toranzo”, which promotes local culture through divulgate activities. The museum has an extension of 700 square metres divided in two floors, divided into 16 themed areas. In each area, we can see tools, photographs or drawings that attempt to show the farming and popular work and traditions of the region.

Museo etnografico el hombre y el campo

This museum has been recognized in 2008 with the Prize of the Museums Club, recognizing their success in keeping alive the link between men and land.

It has an spectacular collection of 19 cars from Cantabria and other regions of Spain. It also has the biggest collection of yokes in the world with 156, which hopes to get into the Guinness Book of Records. They come from Spain, France, Cuba, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Portugal.

One of the prides of this museum is the Pas kitchen, which was transported complete from a cottage.

San Vicente. Corvera de Toranzo Phone: 609 04 42 07 (Reserve in advance)