Palace of Gómez Barreda

The Palace of Gómez Barreda, in Saro, is an example of stately architecture that answers to constructive patterns of manor houses with tower from 18th century. The palace, built in ashlar masonry, has a simple, three storey tower with a balcony on the top one, and a rectangular body on whose facade there are three low arches giving entrance to the porch, with glass doors and a wide balcony on the first floor.

The complex is made up of the palace area to which a great doorway gives access, and the chapel dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe. The large coat of arms shows the names of Sir Juan Antonio Gómez Barreda, nephew of the man started the construction and dedicated the chapel to the Virgin of Guadalupe, Sir Alejandro Antonio Gómez Barreda, expatriate in Mexico. The chapel entrance is independent to the palace and shows an image of the virgin.

Palacio de Gómez Barreda