A “garma” is a stony slope where it is easy to trip and fall down. This route starts on Pisueña headwaters. Next to the attractive geomorphology, it also has the cultural one related to cottages and the ethnographic one, given by the riverside landscapes of mid-mountain.

Nature, landscape and heritage form an interesting offer. Between the natural aspects, the singular balance between farming pastures and forests of chestnut, beech and oak trees stand out .

You will find interesting formations in the riverside, dominated by alder, ash and chestnut trees, where dogwood, willow, hawthorn and holly are frequent.

Before reaching La Garma, there is also an interesting formation where we find some carnivorous plants like Drosera rotundifolia or liliums like Narthecium ossigragum.

Finally, on the headwaters, we have an Atlantic land dominated by Ulex europaeus and heathers such as Daboecia cantabrica.

Between the buildings, cottages are the main attraction.

All of this is enough to follow this simple and short route that will take us to one of the neighbourhoods of Pas essence.