In the neighbourhood of El Ahorcado we contemplate the space organisation of the Pas region that can also be seen in Pisueña headwaters and specially in the high Pas valley.

The heritage linked to this farming activity stands out: the cottages and the articulation elements of the space, such as the stonewalls.

We should also point out the relief, formed by a dynamic morphonoly of karstic character on limestone materials. From the divisive line between the three Pas rivers, Picones de Sopeña, we can easily perceive the features defining the landscape at both sides of this point.

The limestone pavement occupies a great part of the route, along La Zamina or Haza Mina, as they say in La Pedrosa. Here we find the beech forest, an interesting formation because of the extreme conditions in which it has developed.

The beech forest is a monospecific community that can grow in shadow conditions during its first years.

The route starts from La Concha, in San Roque de Riomiera, and finishes in the same place, closing the circuit next to Miera river. The first stage, ascending, follows the hillside of cottages in the neighbourhood of El Ahorcado, to reach the division with Pisueña river and go into the beech forest through a wide path.

The return made through a different cottage neighbourhood, crossing open pastures. We can do this route in about three and a half hours without much difficulty, aside from its altitude and length. It is suitable for any time of the year, aside from rainy days because of the dense fog that forms there.