Tower of Penagos – Palace of Miranda

The Palace of Miranda is located in the neighbourhood of Pino in Penagos and was the centre of an old council. In the beginning of 17th century it was inhabited by Pedro de Hernando Miranda, the valley authority, although the coat of arms on its facada is from Agüero and Miranda. A big ensemble that is repeated in the side wall.

It is one of the few towers that can be seen in Pisueña valley, aside from those in the center of the palaces of Soñanes or Donadío, in Villacarriedo and Selaya respectively, Torrevieja in Santa María de Cayón or the house-tower of Sáez de Miera in Selaya. They are square buildings, high and slim, with a clear war defensive view as they were a refuge for knights, squires and noblemen. The pine tower has a ashlar masonry facade and a simple structure in three stores with a hip roof. The main floor has the reception and dining room, while the other two are rooms for the lord and his servants. Each of the floors communicates with the others through a staircase next to the wall with one or two stages for each floor, and usually built of wood.

Torre de Penagos - Palacio de Miranda