Active tourism

Let yourself be carried away by the spirit of aventure and sports

The Pasiegos Valleys offer all kinds of experiences and activities to enjoy a sporty stay with excursions. From hiking to mountain biking, speleology, horse riding, canyoning, climbing… to roaming the most hidden corners in the region.

The Pas Valleys have excellent hiking routes for walking, biking or horse-riding. A moment to escape from the city stress and enjoy Pas towns and their relaxed and traditional lifestyle, enjoying nature with minimal environmental impact.

Our activities are suitable for the young, active, sporty and the environmentally conscious tourist. All of our offers aim to promote the development of non-urban zones, respect for nature and the conciliation between life and sustainability.

The Pas Valleys are located in a unique landscape, both for enjoying a calming trip to a rural and preserved setting and for enjoying an adventurous weekend by getting started into speleology.

turismo activo en valles pasiegos

Route 1: Cabárceno by bike

Enjoy the Nature Park of Cabárceno in a sustainable means of transport appropriate to the philosophy of the natural park. Cabárceno offers a bike rental service for tourists staying in the Pas Valleys, with more than 60 units of different sizes.

Route 2. Pas Greenway by bike

The Railway Foundation has promoted the recovery of old railways tracks so that they can be used for hiking and biking tours. The Pas Greenway is a historical and natural journey suitable for every age and combines several aspects. On one side, it presents traditional scenes of a farming region and on the other hand it offers an image of local fauna in the process of transformation and a green environment of great ecological value.

The journey from the base of the Alpine Project in Sarón is 24 Km. to Onteda, although stops can be made to enjoy the towns on route. The estimated time as a school or family activity is of three hours one way and a little less on the return, since it follows the slight slope of the river.

Route 3: Pas Valleys Circuit

Medium level circuit. Requires sport clothes and biking footwear. 

The start is at 10:00 in Selaya. From here, the route goes for 5 Km. until you reach Pisueña, the town named after the river. We will continue our route until Tezanos and Villacarriedo, crossing pastures separated by stonewalls and scattered with Pas cottages. Returning by about 17:00.

Guided routes for 6-10 people by the Alpine Project. More info in 

The Pas, Pisueña and Miera Valleys offers well marked routes and walks through nature. Learn about guided and interpreted routes on the Natural Preserved Spaces Network of Cantabria. A reservation is necessary.

Some of our hiking recommendations are: 

The Riversides of Yera and Aján

Routes of Los Miradores in Valnera

River Rubionzo and Oakgrove of Zarrizuela in Saro

Route PRS69. La Garma, Pisueña Headwaters

PRS57. Railway’s Footprint.

The Beechgrove of Aloños in Carriedo

Route PRS-68. Selaya Headwaters

The GR 74 “Corredor Oriental de Cantabria”, includes a big part of the eastern sector of the Cantabrian mountain range, crossing the mountains of Hornijo, Alto Asón, the Pas Valleys and the environment of the Ebro water reservoir, before reaching the capital town of Campoo. The path takes advantage of old tracks that have been preserved thanks to farming use, footpaths that wind around the mountainsides and open areas of high pasture lands between the rivers.

Enjoy the landscapes and natural spaces preserved in the Pas Valleys along the four stages:

STAGE 3º- San Roque de Riomiera – Selaya

  • Visits: House of the Pasiego, Views of La Casa del Rey and Covalrruyo, Cave of Sopeña (Salitre II) in Miera, Museum of Pas Wetnurses, Palace of Soñanes, artisanal Pas “Sobaos” craft workshop.
  • Complementary routes: La Garma (Birth of the river Pisueña ), Beechgrove of La Zamina
  • Accomodation in San Roque de Río Miera: Alto Miera Hostel,  Camping Lunada.
  • Accomodation in Selaya: Valvanuz Hostel, Casona de Linares Inn.

STAGE 4º- Selaya – Vega de Pas

  • Visits: Ethnographic Museum of Pas Villas, Pas “Sobaos” workshop.
  • Complementary routes: Pasturelands of Ruyemas, canyoning in Vega de Pas.

STAGE 5º – Vega de Pas – San Pedro del Romeral

  • Visits: Caves of Castillo in Puente Viesgo, Puente Viesgo Spa.

STAGE 6º – San Pedro del Romeral – San Miguel de Luena

  • Visits: Pas Greenway (by bike), eco-production “quesería”cheese shop, natural pools of San Pedro de Romeral.
  • Complementary routes: El churrón de Borleña

Adventure throughout the Valleys

The Pas Valleys are the ideal setting to enjoy sports or outdoor activities.