Alfarería del Pas

Victor Santillán Ugarte

Phone: 626 801 079 / 942 594 979

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Alfareria del Pas

In Vega de Pas is the Alfarería del Pas, a small artisan and family workshop where limited productions with different styles and decorations are produced.

Its production line is the popular pottery of Cantabria. His traditional pieces are the result of a work of recovering styles and decorations of the Galizano earthen mill and the basto alfares that were in Cantabria. Following this tradition he produces pieces in a white glaze with vegetable and geometric decorations in blue and green.

Its range of pieces offers utilitarian and decorative objects, from jugs and pots to tiles, murals and benditeras small plaques that hold holy water. Also as for the recovered pieces, there are reproductions of the pieces that were made in the disappeared potters of Cos, Meruelo, Ojáiz, Redondo, Bricia and Villanueva de Carrales. They do not make reproductions, because the firings have changed, since there are no more wood ovens and the enamels or the oxides nolonger the same, but the pieces still have that air of the old pots of the Cantabrian pottery.