Alpaca Trax

Alison Boyden.
Pilar Fortes.

Phone: 650 969 421

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AlpacaTrax is a joint project of Alpacas del Alto Pas and Alpacas de la Tierruca that aims to offer products and services to breeders and owners of alpacas, as well as the processing and marketing of the fiber obtained from these animals.

It is a project developed by entrepreneurs in the primary sector of Cantabria, who lead an alternative livestock business model based on the concept of tradition. Joining in this common project allows the two farms to process their product in a more rational way, explore new developments and commercialization routes, as well as offer their clients a more varied and continually evolving range of products.

They also offer various courses for those interested in this type of livestock farm, but also open to the public where, in addition to visiting the farm, they can learn about spinning, among other skills.