Alpacas de la Tierruca

Pilar Fortes

Calle la Regata 22
39627 Llanos

Phone: 655 781 904

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Located in Llanos de Penagos is Alpacas de La Tierruca an alpacas farm that carries out the entire production process, from the breeding of animals to the handling of the final raw material. A twist on traditional farming in Spain, managed by Francisco Yedra and his wife Pilar Fortes. Their main goal is the elaboration of artisanal work in collaboration with other craftmen to keep traditional jobs from being forgotten.

They farm alpacas, shear them, clean the fibre with natural products, naturally dry it in the sun, store it and when the time comes they start the “escarmenado” process, brush it and create “copos” for spinning. They dye it and make felt. Their fibre is spun in an artesan way with a traditional spinning wheel. They make hanks and skeins. Finally, they have a completely artisan product finished on the loom, .

The high quality of the alpaca fiber is achieved from good genetics, taking care of the details of animal welfare and feeding. The fiber retains heat in winter but is cool in summer, protects the body from moisture, is soft, light and comfortable.