Arándanos La Espina

Product type: Blueberry
Direct sale: Yes
Bº Bustantegua 39696 Selaya (Cantabria)
Phone: 942 59 06 15

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Arándanos La Espina

In Selaya since 2005 is the blueberries farm La Espina, with 3,300 active plants, after a nation wide demand of forest fruits. In their seventh year of harvesting, these plants reach their full production, starting in June and ending mid-August, depending on weather and variety.

The harvested fruit is sold fresh during their season, and also bottled as jam for the rest of the year. The plantation is on its way to become part of the Regulatory Council of Ecologic Agroculture (CRAE), so it follows their rules, using the most rigorous techniques and methods, which determine a fully natural and ecological product of the highest quality. Now as the production is in expansion and advancing, there is no fixed harvest.

In different regions of Cantabria, some young agriculturalists have started producing “small fruits” and established small, artisanal industries of jam making. This is generated by the appearance of high quality products on the market. because of this the agro-exploitation “La Espina”appeared, located in the neighburhood of Bustantegua in Selaya, a few metres away from the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Valvanuz.