Club Atletismo Valles Pasiegos

Barrio El Palacio 84.
39649 Villacarriedo
Teléfono: 646 756 945
Facebook: Atletismo Valles Pasiegos.


The Club de Atletismo Valles Pasiegos was born in the summer of 2018, from the union of three colleagues and friends from the Valles Pasiegos who decide to embark on this project to expose and apply their own ideas in a sport that they have been practicing for several years.

One of the objectives of the initiative is to give an example of how good sport is in everyday life, and to promote the image of the club and the region throughout the province and part of the rest of the communities.

They are affiliated with the Cantabrian Athletics Federation, as well as the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation. Another of its objectives is the organization of races within the calendar to promote the practice of this sport.