Bodega y Viñedo Señorío del Pas

Product type: Wine
Direct sale: Yes
San Martín 19A 39638 Villafufre (Cantabria)
Phone: 630543351


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Bodega y Viñedo Señorío del Pas

In San Martín de Villafufre and since 2007 is located the Winery and Wineyard Señorío del Pas, where Antonio and Coral elaborate a high quality, health and environmentaly conscious wine with self-produced grapes.

The plot, in a sandy terrain, is of 4 ha in a sunny hill. The plantation is formed by 20% Gewürztraminer and 80% Godello grape varieties.

It is a vine arbour wineyard in which biodynamic treatments are used, avoiding fertilicers, chemicals and herbicides, to meet with the dynamic strength of the earth, moon cycles and the elements. This way, they achieve a healthier, toxines-free product. They use decoction, extract, tincture and infusion of plants with minimum quantities of sulphur and copper, apt for ecological agroculture, as well as natural compost from manure, grass and organic waste.

The wine is aromatic and elegant, of a fruity character, with a floral background and an earthy touch. In Señorío del Pas tradition, culture, respect for nature and joy are bottled.

We are Antonio and Coral, a young couple who have decided to dedicate our lives to producing high quality, healthy and environmentally conscious white wine, exclusively with our self-produced grapes in our 4ha wineyard in the southern hillside of Mount Caballar, with the varieties Gewürztraminer and Godello, which we process in a Pas cottage turned into a winery.

We elaborate a wine as natural as possible with ecological and bio dynamic practices and without additives. When tasting Señorío del Pas, we are drinking tradition, culture, respect for nature and the enormous joy that we put into our work. We have the IGP Costa de Cantabria, the European seal of vegan products V-Label and we are in the process of obtaining the ecological seal. Come to our vineyard and winery and enjoy our wine in a natural environment.