Product type: Ecological, heather honey
Direct sale: Yes
Barrio La Cantolla, s/n 39723 Mirones (Cantabria)
Phone: 619 947 688

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Brezomiel is made using an artisanmethod with heather and mixed-flower honey, for an intense result. This heather product has all of the certifications that ensure an ecological and artisanal manufacture.

Since it is an artisanal and ecologically made honey, it also keeps the true, traditional flavours that beekeepers produced long ago, an added value to a natural, nutritious and additives-free product. Natural honey is rich in minerals, has high calories and is specially healthy in a diuretic level. It has a strong, mahogany, dark colour.

For years, this producers have been improving their ecological production techniques thanks to healthy bees, helped by soil quality and the extraordinary natural setting of the Miera mountains.

Reservations: 619947688 or (at least 24h in advance).
Selling points in Barrio La Cantolla, s/n, Mirones, Ayto de Miera.