Producto Cárnicos La Pasiega

Product type: Meat derived
Direct sale: Yes
La colina
39696 Selaya

Web: Tienda Online de Venta Productos La Pasiega
Phone: 942590491
Contact with: Jesús Fernández Acebo

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Cárnicas La Pasiega

Selaya is home to Carnicería La Pasiega, a company that produces meat products and livestock an areas with the largest traditional livestock in the region. This livestock is kept in the pastures at the headwaters of the Valley of Carriedo.

We have always tried to benefit from the extraordinary aptitude of the “patched” friesian cow for farming and the quality of mountain pastures. This breed, although originally destined to milk production, has shown a different meat quality, due to their different from other cattle. However, from the beginning relied on the Limousin cow for our farms. We are very happy with the special relationship that we have with the pig farm “El Soto”, which complies with the highest demands thanks to their alimentation, care and type of pigs and are keep there.