Carnicería Yolanda

Product type: Butcher shop
Direct sell: Yes
Calle Mercadillo 25
39727 Liérganes
Phone: 942 528 149

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Carnicería Yolanda

Located in the beautiful town of Liérganes, Carnicerías Yolanda has been making for years one of the products that has made this establishment famous for the unmistakable taste of its black pudding. They have created their own product line, sold in different points of Cantabria.

The artisanal process, with strict quality controls, is done in the establishment and has resulted into loyal costumers and new fans, thanks to its quality raw material, from their own cattle.

These factors make it double pleasing to go to this corner of Liérganes as we can enjoy the town’s setting and one of its first class products: their artisanal black pudding.