Cerámica ArteSaro

Product type: ceramics.
Direct sale: Yes
Bº Quintanal Saro (Cantabria)
Phone: 942 59 31 73

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Cerámica ArteSaro

Cerámica ArteSaro was formed by María Fernanda Pérez and Elías Álvarez. It is an artistic and creative ceramics workshop committed to social, environmental and territorial quality. Mixing their specialties (she is a sculptor and  modeler and he is a lathe and enamel specialist) and their professional careers in the world of pottery, they founded and temporarily presided over in 1983 the Artisans Society of Cantabria.

ArteSaro reproduces prehistoric motives in vases: both with sgrafitto and with metal enamels. They make vases handmade or on a wheel, painted or modeled murals, lamps, clocks, plates… The make unique pieces. They decorate them with prehistoric and celtic motives, make metal reflections, raku japanese stype pottery, engobes coated pots, enamel, spray-paint, etc. They take commissions: business gifts, congresses, trophies, weddings and other events.

ArteSaro offers group visits with enjoyable activities. It is possible to visit the workshop to learn about techniques, pastes, oxides, ovens, pieces including an exhibition of a vase making or fast figure modeling. It is also possible to deepen your knowledge regarding pottery techniques through three-hours long workshops, which include modeling pieces, lathing different vases, firing, painting a vase and shipment to your home, once the piece is fired. For this purpose they have a big workshop in Saro, which is easily accessible, in a dreamy landscape and with available parking spots.