Diseminado 214 Panel Corra
39694 Lloreda de Cayón
Teléfono: 658 508 515


Comounamanzana is a small family farm of organically grown apple that was born in 2007. In addition to apple trees, they grow small amounts of citrus, plums, currants, raspberries, blueberries and elderberries, which grow in the surroundings of the plantation.

Located in the Cayón Valley, they maintain the exploitation on a small scale (approximately 2 hectares) in a way that is manageable for its two owners.

They try to make a coherent management with personal approaches, integrating respect for the environment in which they are, with minimal mechanization and cattle grazing among the trees, which allows fertilizing and keeping the farm clean in an efficient and practical way.

The production of Comounamanzana is intended for the artisan production of jellies, in which each part of the process is cared for with care, like at home, seeking the greatest respect for the natural product and the environment that provides it to enjoy its delicious flavor with the highest quality.