Cuero Sin Parangón

Jose Luis Pelayo Calleja

Phone: 626 088 821

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Cuero Sin Parangón is a workshop dealing with one of the most useful materials: leather. This material has as its main trait its durability, designs and finish quality of José Pelayo Calleja turns his pieces into unique ones. Cuero Sin Parangón uses first quality cow, goat and sheep leather, from natural origins and treated with a vegetable tanning process environmently conscious. The elegance and simplicity with which these products are worked are the essence and personal brand of this business. All products are hand made.

In his home workshop, in Vega de Villafufre, José hand makes all of his catalogue. They are original and mostly unique products, involving the client in the creative process and answering questions this gives a fair price for the client.

Cuero Sin Parangón offers a wide variety of products with a big catalogue of leather bags, purses, wallets or cardholders, belts, phone cases, backpacks, briefcases, tobacco cases, recipe holders, key chains, etc.