El Valle de Machucón

Product type: Horticultural eco-harvesting


Phone: 616 473 021

Address: C/ Machucón nº 8,  39627 Penagos.



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El Valle del Machucón is located in the town of Llanos de Penagos, in a privileged area between meadows and mountains.

It is a magical place dominated by an ecological horticultural plantation with three hectares along with a wide variety of native plants and trees of the Cantabrian mountain range.

The characteristics of El Valle del Machucón generate a unique opportunity for children and adults to learn knowledge and values that will enrich them personally in a participatory, sensorial and fun way, connecting with nature.

Its wide flora and fauna allows visitors to have an educational and enriching experience in a family visit or with friends, where they can collect and taste blueberries, in addition to all the seasonal garden products.