Sobaos y quesadas Etelvina

El Cruce, 3
39685 (Vega de Pas)

Phone: 942 595 052

Product type: “Sobaos” and “quesadas”
Direct sale: Yes

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They make their products with the best raw material obtained in Vega de Pas.

Its pasiegos sobaos, large and small, which also have the IGP seal, have great fame and prestige among the people who come to this small shop located in one of the three Pasiegas villages.

The sobaos pasiegos are of an armagnac color on the outside, with a hue of corn inside, fluffy, ethereal, with great juiciness. In the mouth they are delicate and balanced.

The quesadas pasiegas, the most traditional sweet of the Valles Pasiegos, has a primitive flavor and texture like the original.

They sell pastas and muffins, as well as cakes, which do not leave any palate indifferent, including the most exquisite.