Finca Los Pradillos

Product type: Blueberry

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Finca Los Pradillos

In the town of Entrambasmestas (Luena) is located La Finca Los Pradillos where is born the project led by a dynamic team engaged with the environment and food quality. This project was executed searching for excellence in berries production.

In the hillsides of El Escudo range it is usual to find wild blueberries, known in the Pas Valleys as “ráspanos”. This area has all of the weather and ground traits for berries harvesting.

The plot Los Pradillos is planned with high innovations, with a high density harvest that allows for a high profit through intensive pruning. The employed varieties are license protected and mechanic, thus making plants produce a fruit that can be harvested by handpole-beating or tunneling. The whole plot has a drop by drop irrigation system with humidity sensors to direct irrigation, minimizing water waste, solar panels and a small windmill.