Helados Trueba

El Ferial
39620 Sarón, Cantabria

Amada Sainz Acebo
Phone: 942 563 733

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In Saro, next to the bowling alley, we find Helados Trueba, the ice-cream parlour of Amanda Sainz (hostess and manager). In her workroom in El Ferial, she continues a tradition from mid 20th century.

Using milk as the base and foundation of the elaboration process, in Trueba they keep their old recipies, the ancestral ways to carefully achieve unmistakable flavours and the ideal product texture.

Their “mantecado” is their most traditional ice-cream. Amanda makes it by pasteurizing a mixture of milk, cinnamon, sugar, lemon, cream and eggs, later adding vanilla.

Aside from this ice-cream, she offers a wide variety of traditional flavours, and other less common ones, like rice pudding, Pas cream or cheese, and seasonal ones like tangerine.

Elaborating a healthy, authentic and quality product is Amanda’s recipe for having her loyal costumers and hectic activity, especially in summer where she makes her sales through the Pas Valleys.