Designer jewelry M+

Eulogio Jesús Carrera Sáenz

Phone: 666 094 715

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Joyería de autor Manín Carrera M+

The designer jewelry Manín Carrera M+ is managed by the artisanal and young jeweler, designer and producer Manín Carrera, with more than 20 years of specialised professional experience in the elaboration of unique pieces in different materials (gold, silver and precious and semiprecious stones). In 1992 in Barcelona he began his studies after finishing in the Jewelry Design School of Santander. He makes special designed jewels, always looking to fulfill his clients’ tastes to exceed the expectations. Nowadays he is developing a project of serialized fabrication through 3D printing with different materials and with only one limit: imagination.

He also works in plastic arts, creating and building installations, experimenting with sculptures on different materials, from a holistic perspective very focused on recycling and reconnecting man with nature and the self.

Manín Carrera has exhibited his creations in Cantabria, Madrid, Canarias, Asturias, Galicia and the Basque Country, and he receives comissions from the whole country.