Los Tiemblos

Bº La Sota 39686 San Pedro del Romeral (Cantabria)

Phone: 609 40 77 45

Product type: Ecological cheese
Direct sale: Yes

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Los Tiemblos

Located in the neighborhood of La Sota (San Pedro del Romeral) is the “quesería” Los Tiemblos, which is dedicated to cheese production with raw material from their own farm, owned by María Jesús Fernández Ruíz.

The cheeses of Los Tiemblos (soft, fresh or semi-ripened) are the result of an artisan process, using their own ecologically produced cows milk. The results are cheeses of intense flavour, light colour, acid and very fresh, with a soft texture, few saturated fats and lots of calcium and omega3.

In San Pedro del Romeral, in the center of the Pas Valleys, Quesería Los Tiemblos produces traditional-artisan cheese with cows milk. The raw material is entirely produced on the family farm and follows the regulations of the Regulation Council of Ecological Agriculture of Cantabria.

During cheese production, no preservatives or artificial colourings are used and the whole process is artisan. There is no cheese pressing process and the product is swiftly moved to the curation area, where it rests until consumption.

The result is a semi-fat cheese, of excellent texture, acid and very fresh, with cream and butter flavours. A delicious cheese, apt for a tasting in any circumstance.