Machined Art Mayte

Product type: artistic work.
Direct sale: Yes
Pola 2, 39696 Selaya (Cantabria)
Phone: 646 90 88 77

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Mecanizados Artísticos Mayte

Located in the town of Selaya is Machined Art Mayte, where they make a great catalogue of decorations on polyurethane (synthetic resin). This material is easily worked to get finishes that imitate wood, bronze… and its biggest advantage is that it cannot be destroyed by woodworm or moths and it does not break or absorb humidity.

All of the products can be personalized for someone, an event, a competition or any suggestion that the client may have.


Paintings with double or simple coat of arms, also with a clock.
Paintings of different images obtained from pictures, virgins, Pas tradition, animals, etc.
Cantabrian wakes, different sizes, to hang or to perch.
Clocks, with images of sport emblems, business logos, pictures, contests…
Paintings of city council, provinces or other emblems.
Musical paintings, with images for children.
Mythological paintings.
Weather station with emblems.
Prize paintings for sport events or other, personalized with any image…
Pencil cases with emblems or images.