Eco-honey La Colina

Product type: Ecological heather honey.
Direct sale: Yes
Bº Riosuto, 39638 – Villafufre (Cantabria)
Phone: 608 61 33 69

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Miel Ecologica de La Colina

La Colina is a business dedicated to harvesting and bottling ecological honey, it’s an artisan, family project. The Regulation Council of Ecological Agriculture has certifies their hives have not been treated with synthetic substances or medication, and that they are located in pollution-free places.

Their working system combines a traditional management of the hives with the most sophisticated extraction and bottling technology, resulting in a natural and pure honey, with a strong flavour. They produce heather honey. This type of honey is recommended for heart problems.

It is also ideal for the prevention of calculus and inflammation of the bladder, kidneys and urethra. It is an anti-rheumatic and an intestinal regulator. Because of its mineral contents, it is known to help people with anemia, lack of appetite and fatigue. It also has high antibiotic properties and helps with healing, thanks to its elevated propolis levels.

Miel de la Colina is a family and artisan business.

Group visits: reserve in advance.