Panderetas Cayón

Villasevil 114 B, 34
39698 Santiurde de Toranzo
Teléfono: 686 123 709 / 630 932 482
Facebook: Panderetas Cayón. 

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Tambourines were present in European folklore and in Cantabria they have a great relevance in the cultural heritage and for the background percussion of the traditional music played by women. The tambourine is a percussion instrument forged on a wooden ring incorporating metal rattles, with a hollow central part which is covered by a goat or sheep leather.

Sergio Cayón is a prestigious artisanal worker, who develops his vocational activity in Villasevil de Toranzo. After a long career in restoring and retrieving instruments, he began his commercial activity with Panderetas Cayón-Sact. In his workshop he fabricates tambours, squared tambours, “chamánicos” and castanets using artisan technics . Tambourines are his especiality in high demanded by folk dance groups and schools, and finished with pyrography or carvings.

All of his instruments are made with first quality materials, very light at any size.

Sergio uses an artisanal techniques by preparing a plank of 6cm width and 0.5cm thickness in walnut, ash or cherry wood, which he bends and pastes. He then marks and grooves, sands and varnishes them. Finally, he attaches the leather patch and the rattles.