Artisanal bakery Bergua

Camilo Alonso Vega 32, 39722 Liérganes

Phone: 650 978 192.

Product type: Cakes, cookies…
Direct sale: Yes

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In 2006 the trademark “Pastelería Artesanal Bergua” was founded in the Cantabrian town of Liérganes where they market their artisan products.

It is a small company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of pastries, their main objective is the elaboration and marketing of bakery products through a careful process where high quality raw materials are transformed into delicacies that meet the needs of consumers looking for healthy, tasty and quality food at attractive prices.

Some of the products they manufacture are based on the excellent puff pastry that characterizes the area in which the company is located, hence the phrase, “Liérganes, the town that smells of puff pastry”. Other highlights of the region are  the Rocks of the Miera River, Las Tetas de Liérganes and Los Sacristanes de Liérganes..