Pastelería Rego

Paseo Hombre Pez, 1,
39722 – Liérganes.

Tfno: 608 077 064

Facebook: Pastelería Rego.


Ramón Diego Rego, recovered a family tradition that dates back to the beginning of the last century, interrupted in the previous generation, and resumed in the same place with recipes based on artisanal elaboration. They were the current owner’s great-great-grandparents, who came from Valladolid and began in this sector, achieving great recognition over the years.

Pastelería Rego is a benchmark in the production of puff pastry. Cakes, cookies, cakes and products that are made for specific times of the year such as Christmas donuts or Christmas nougats, among others, stand out in their offer.

Using the best raw materials and recipes that have passed down the generations, always offering the most rigorous commitment to quality and good work thanks to a long artisan tradition.