Saro Fishfarm

Product type: Fishfarm and mini-zoo
Direct sell: Yes
Barrosaro 39635 Saro (Cantabria)
Phone: 942 59 31 55

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The fishing park and zoological center of Saro, located in the region of the Pas Valleys and with more than two decades of experience, has a dreamy landscape. Near a spring of cristal water, with steady temperature and constant flow, it has a sports fishing lake accompanied by a leisure centre including a zoo and an exotic birds park.

This place is perfect for guided visits and group activities for students and families. The park offers a unusual leisure plan in full nature with the possibility of enjoying two angling modalities: for practice (release fishing) or for trout consumption.

The most popular are the rainbow trout and the common trout in three different sizes, raw or smoked. These are sold direct from the fish farm.