Posada La Braniza

Plazuela de Luis Mazón no1
39685 Vega de Pas
Teléfono: 638 475 822
Email: info@posadalabraniza.com


We are located in one of the three Pasiegas villages, Vega de Pas, an ideal environment for various activities such as hiking, photography, cycling, adventure sports, cultural visits and, above all it is an ideal place for physical and mental rest. With this powerful argument, Posada La Braniza, offers the tourist the possibility to enjoy a unique environment with unbeatable facilities.

It is an old Pasiega house that dates from the year 1868 and that was restored with a great level of detail and intended for rural tourism. The braniza is the word used among the pasiegos to refer to the farms and pastures that are located in high mountain area. It is still common that the pasiegos “muden” or move to the huts of the braniza in summer to take advantage of these fresh pastures.

Hence its name and also its offer to enjoy an authentic peaceful haven.