Quesos Fuentes Casares

Product type: Sheep cheese
Direct sale: Yes
Villafufre 39698 (Cantabria)

Phone: 942 59 64 15

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Quesos Fuente Casares

Located in the town of Villafufre is the “quesería” Fuente Casares, a family business, managed by Úrsula and her family, with a small herd of Frisian Milchschaf sheep of about 60 animals, great for milk production. A third of the herd are used for milk production for a limited time to make an exquisite cheese. In this process an absolute respect for the environment is most important to achieve a high quality product.

This process starts from raw sheep’s milk. The souring process is done with a constant temperature. The milk is turned into curd, pressed lightly by hand. After molding and salting manually, the cheese stays for a minimum of two months in a ripening room.

Quesos Fuente Casares has a small but exquisite production of sheep cheese made with the upmost respect for the environment and without chemical products (chemical manure, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, etc) or genetically modified organisms, obtaining a high quality product.

Direct sale in the “quesería” PRIOR NOTICE.