Quesos La Jarradilla

Barrio la Barcenilla, 242, 39649 Villacarriedo

Phone: 942 59 03 42 – 652 779 660.
Product type: Cheese
Direct sale: Yes

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Quesos La Jarradilla

Located in Barcenilla (Tezanos de Villacarriedo) is the “quesería” La Jarradilla who have produce cows milk cheese for more than 20 years. The respect for ingredients quality and the traditional ways have been present for generations.

Group visits (reserve in advance).

August and September: Wednesday and Saturday at 17:00
October, November, December: Saturday at 12:00

The family Diego established themselves in the plot La Jarradilla  post-war, when Máximo and Gregoria moved their activity from the mounts of Valvanuz to the Pisueña riverside in Barcenilla, downstream from Selaya.

The small cottage still keeps the traditional Pas aesthetics. Later generations have introduced new animals for better diversity and make home produced milk into cheese.

In our cheese you will find the essence of ancient flavours from traditional recipes, an essence that fuses with the innovative spirit of Pas people, further than the archetypal image of archaism.

The People behind this project

La Jarradilla is a family business in the most basic way. Everyone one has their own job, according to their skills, these skills link together resulting in the final product’s excellence: passion for a “well made” cheese.

The products

In the 80s, they started making a white cheese and a cream cheese just like they made at home for the  family, in time introducing two new recipes: Braniza and Divirín.

White cheese: cheese without serum and few days to maturity and consumption. Bland, white and rindless mass. Slightly sweet, slightly salted and slightly acid.

Pas cheese: dry, fine, smooth, bland and yellow rind. Bland and light yellow mass. Maturation between 10 and 20 days, although can be ripened for longer. Soft, slightly salted and acid flavour. Yogurt and sweet creamy flavour . Buttery flavour. Queso Medalla de Oro Word Cheese Award 2010 from the BBC Good Food Show in NEC Birmingham (UK).

Braniza cheese: irregular shaped cheese, of extreme fragility and pressed by its own weight. Minimum maturation of 7 days. Soft, slightly salted and acid. Fresh butter with a touch of lemon touch flavour.

Divirín cheese: originally cylindrical cheese that becomes irregular during the curation process. Velvety, blue with white and orange rind. Bland, white and mass with holes. Minimum maturity of 30 days. Acid, slightly herbaceous, very slightly salted with soft undertones and mushroom flavour. Queso Medalla de Plata Word Cheese Award 2009 y 2011.