Quesos Riscos Pasiegos

Product type: Cured cheese, semi-cured, fresh, Camembert and yogurts.
Direct sell: Yes
Barrio Lindota 11. 39639 Saro (Cantabria )
Made by Eduardo García Sánchez

Phone: 679 26 88 49.

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Located in one of the most known neighborhoods of Saro, Lindota, we can find the plot of Riscos Pasiegos. This terrain of 10 ha and three Pas cottages is managed by Edu, he combine pastures and high mountain. In a natural setting with space for a herd of cows and almost a hundred Alpine and Granadine goats.

In the two first floors of the building are the milking parlor and the “quesería” cheese making area which where with  artisanal methods and using raw materials (cow milk freshly milked from their herd) the following products are made:

  • “Pasieguín de cielu”: a pasteurised vanilla sweetened milk yogurt. This product is sweet, creamy, soft and slightly acid.
  • “Perla del Pas”: white cheese.
  • “Velortá de Yerba”: two months cured cheese.
  • “Velorta Fieru”: more than three months cured cheese, with a firm texture, creamy rind and intense flavour.

The key to achieve this quality products is living with a goat herd in a natural setting and caring for them. The Animals graze the pastures and are also feed cereals, to produce milk full of nutrients.

Cheeses and yogurts are totally natural and artisanal, without any added components. It is important to point out that no product is made with milk or rennet from young goats.

Its main value is “We renounce achieving a better finish in our products if that means adding something that is not natural.”