Quesucos Cobo

Paseo de Velasco 39, 39722 Liérganes (Cantabria)

Phone: 942 528 655
Product type: Cheese shop
Direct sale: Yes

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Quesucos artesanos Cobo

Located in Liérganes is the cheese factory Quesucos Artesanos Cobo, offering the very best knowledge of thier beautiful traditional cheeses.

A wide variety of cheese in which all of the aspects are present: buttery or hard cheeses, soft or intense flavours, raw or pasteurized milk cheeses, natural or aromatized rinds…

Cows milk cheese from the area: El Queso de Aquí, cream cheese, representative of cheese tradition in Cantabria.
La Torta Cana, a cream cheese with a long maturity.
El Queso Pasiego, a non-pressed cheese of creamy texture.
La Torta Miro and la Torta Forte, two author cheeses, with new additions to traditional flavours.
Sheeps cheese and Goat Cheese: cured, old, aged, with natural rind, matured in olive oil, smoked, spicy…
Blue Cheese: a light smoky touch with white mold on its rind.
Mixed cheeses El Rebaño with three types of milk: cow, goat and sheep, Castillan cheese with softer flavour.
La Torta Humera, cow and goat cheese, smoked and stocky.
El Abadía, cow and sheep cheese, following the monastery tradition.